This time of year the sun is setting earlier so when sculling in the evening, by the time I get back, it can be dark out. This is the season to begin putting bow and stern lights on your shell before you launch in the evenings.

USRowing’s Safety Guidelines remind us to use a white light on the stern of each rowing shell AND a red (port) and green (starboard) light on the bow. This is for your safety when rowing after 6 p.m. in the fall season.

For the past three years I have been using a terrific set of rechargeable bow and stern lights from RowKraft. The lights have been very reliable and I always get comments on how bright they are from other scullers at the club.

There’s something about sculling at dusk in the fall that is so enjoyable. It has a certain magic to it.

A wonderful description is in the book “Mind Over Water: Lessons on Life from the Art of Rowing” by Craig Lambert. The book begins with:

“In the darkness, deep in silence, the lights – green, red, and a few of white – surge ahead, in the rhythm of breathing. They seem in fact to breathe their way forward, gathering force on the inhale, then gliding forward on the outward stroke. Against the dark water and the shore, whatever propels these lights is indistinct, but their graceful flow suggests swans.”

So I look forward to the wonderful fall season ahead and to evenings spent out on Oyster Bay!

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